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Partial Client List

The El Conquistador Resort/Fajardo, Puerto Rico
    Dallas Cowboys / Republican Eagles / The Republican National Convention
        General Electric / The Democratic National Convention
            The Grand Casinos, inc. / Casino Magic, inc.
                Adams Mark Hotels,inc. / Bluffs Run Casino & Racing Track
                    Apple Computer / Warner Lambert Pharmacuticals
                        Pfizer Pharmacuticals
                            Texas Instruments
                                Hewlett - Packard / Smith Kline Beechum
                                      Microsoft / Jewel Charity Ball
                                          Operation Rainbow, inc. / The Denver Post
                                              Fidelity Investments
                                                Wellness International / Dallas Junior League
                                              Amway International
                                         Texas State Fair Gala
                                    Civitan World International Gala, Birmingham, AL.
                             Multiple Sclerosis Gala
                       Dallas Beaux Arts Ball
                Golden Nugget Casino / Las Vegas
         American Cancer Society, Ameristar Casino
The Montage Arts Festival, Roger Meier Cadillac
         American Heart Association, Willey Brothers Producers
                 AFLAC Insurance Corporation, / Zoecon Corporation
                     Joan Snitzer / Connie Stevens "Escape Center Benefit"
                            Aaron Rents / Looks Furniture of Dallas/Atlanta
                                    American Diabetes Association 
                                          Southern Methodist University
                                               Disney World & Disney Land Resorts
                                                 Ford Motor Company / BMW OF N.America
                                               Byron Nelson Golf Tournament
                                         Universal Studios, Hollywood,CA.
                                    West End Market Place-Dallas/Diagnostic Hospital-Houston
                           Allied Health Services of Houston, INC.
                     Merv Griffin's Players International Casino
         Northwood Country Club of North Dallas 
    The Swan Ball Fine Arts Gala, Nashville, TN.
Lacerte Software Corp. / Lacerte Technologies
Rick Roberts Hot Rod Car Show, San Ramon,CA.